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Welcome to Q Bungalows, Kep, Cambodia

Q Bungalows is the perfect place to relax, enjoy life and communicate with nature. Our property is ideally located with a splendid 360° view on the Kep bay.

Coming from France with a strong desire for changing their life, Eric and Lionel have decided to take the plunge and settle in Kep, a quiet seaside town in Southern Cambodia. Q Bungalows is the perfect place to relax, enjoy life and communicate with nature… Indeed, the Q Bungalows Resort is set in a huge park of 8 hectares, just at the limit of the Kep National Park… so close, that you have the feeling to be inside the Park. From the resort, the guests also have a fantastic view on the sea and the horizon.

Tranquillity is priceless. The 10 bungalows are spread throughout the property with a lush and maintained vegetation, giving the guests the impression to be alone.

Not only this luxuriant garden offers a great variety of trees and flowers, but it also provides fresh ingredients for the kitchen, among them the famous Kampot pepper. Q Bungalows have their own organic pepper plantation and the guests can taste this wonderful spice in the different dishes prepared by the Chef.

Q Bungalows offers a big sea salt water swimming pool, where the guests can relax after a day of adventure in or around Kep.

The owners and the staff at Q bungalows will do whatever they can for the guests to feel good and meet their expectations. They can organize different activities for the customers, being a tour by motorbike, bike or tuk tuk in the area, a boat trip to discover the marine life of the Kep Bay or a transfer to the next destination.

The Q Bungalows is the ideal option to communicate with nature and to spend a relax and quiet stay in Kep.

Contact us to organize your stay here in Kep or check our available rooms at the best-guaranteed price.

About Us

Q Bungalows is one of the preferred hotels in Kep with a beautiful garden of 8ha and a salted swimming pool. Our 10 bungalows, fully equipped, are awaiting for your visit. We can arrange your stay here with the many activities in and around Kep. 



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